Thursday, 31 July 2014

Zine Review: A WORMHOLE Issue #40

A WORMHOLE Issue #40
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
(July 2014)
As I recently reviewed the previous issue of this zine for Obscure Chaos’ blog you’ll find some background information there. This latest issue of A Wormhole is still brief material-wise (about ten pages) but there is more typewritten info and less handwritten. The layout is generally tighter than past issues and there are a handful more bands, labels and fanzines to read about. Mostly reviews and updates, in the DIY approach to zine editing. One of the reviews in this issue is of Malakyte’s new release with which I hooked Worm up with a trade copy. If Worm should decide to expand the number of pages in his zine and continue tightening things up with each new issue, he should increasingly gain ground in the printed zine network.

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