Saturday, 12 July 2014

Album Review: PAGANFIRE - Wreaking Fear And Death

Wreaking Fear And Death
(Afterlife Productions)

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted: July 2014

This Philippine death-thrash band has consistently released material since 2004, while keeping the old school work ethic alive by releasing much of their material on cassette, vinyl and VHS as well as on CD. Most of their releases have been limited to the two-to-three figure range, so you would have to contact the band to see which are still in print at present. In their discography are splits with Cum Sock, Warlock Moon, Chamber 69, Corrupt Insanity, Sacrosanct, Karimlan and Moder besides promo, compilation and live releases. 2013’s Wreaking Fear And Death is among their recent outings next to compilation appearances in 2013 and 2014 (Possessed With Metal Madness and Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta, respectively). Wreaking Fear And Death is a full length released in cassette format, and if you’re just hearing of Paganfire it’s a fitting release to start off with. They are seasoned musicians for a band releasing their material without backing from the larger underground labels, and their abilities show all through the eight tracks recorded for it. As to be expected, the musicianship and arrangements are dark, menacing and relentless, with many impressive breakdowns. There are hints of early 80s metal, thrash, proto-death metal and perhaps even black metal in a few strategic places. The final track “Durugin at kayo'y sumpain” begins to reach epic proportions before you realize it. This band is worth the effort to locate on the internet and there’s little doubt you’ll be hearing more from them in the days to come. 

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