Saturday, 12 July 2014

Album Review: Acral Necrosis -Sanguinus Sigillum

Band Name: Acral Necrosis
Title: Sanguinus Sigillum
Date of Release: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Reviewed by: Keith Goessl


01. Daimonum
02. Exiled
03. AntiCosmic Void
04. Rendering Light Obsolete
05. Eosphoros Rising
06. Aeon Of Horus
07. Sanguinis Sigillum
08. Eye Of Algol
09. Luna Luciferi

In a world where most Black Metal albums sound like they were recorded in a cave, or, over produced and rely heavily on symphonic to cover up bad mixing, Colorado one man black metal project Acral Necrosis breaks the cycle. From the opening of Daimonum to the closing of Luna Luciferi, mastermind Lord Azmodae's vision of Black Metal is true to its evil core. Azmodae's vocals bring me back to the first time I heard Atilla Csihar. I wish most Black Metal bands would sound as doom laden as Acral Necrosis! Here's to hearing more releases from this great project!

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