Monday, 14 July 2014

Album Reviews: STRAIGHTLINE - Alteration Of The Rules

Alteration Of The Rules

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted on July 2014

Straightline, a melodic punk band from Munich, Germany, combine solid musicianship with mainstream accessibility and a skate punk vibe. There are many instances where the band’s as fast and heavy as the old school punk and thrash bands we grew up with. As such there is something here for purists to appreciate just as much (consider the U.S. band Leftover Crack having an accessible sound with “Rock The 40 Oz.”). Alteration Of The Rules is a four-song EP showing the band’s potential effortlessly. I was exposed to the style of punk Straightline plays through college radio stations in the 2000s; those bands grew on me and I see the same appeal here. The vocals are mostly too melodic for my tastes but the musicianship is tight, precise and spot on, especially the percussion and lead harmonies. More than a few times I heard the punk anthem theme in their choruses, which was a plus. The production carries a great deal of weight, and each instrument has a clear sound. The band is solid working as a unit and I can definitely see them gaining an above-ground Stateside audience as well as an audience in Gemany.

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