Monday, 4 August 2014

Album Review: DAY OF DOOM - The Gates Of Hell

DAY OF DOOM - The Gates Of Hell
(Lavadome Productions)
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Day Of Doom is comprised of three Long Island boys, Rich Hervey (drums/vocals), Doug Randazz (guitar/vocals) and Sam Lara (bass/vocals) who resolved to reestablish hometown death metal at a time when black metal and goregrind were growing in demand in their immediate area. It would be years before their material became available on full length albums and split CDs, but their latest effort The Gates Of Hell (besides their previous efforts) was worth the wait. While there are some hints of Morbid Angel here, their music is clearly Long Island Death Metal from the unexpected time changes, acoustical passages and primal overtones that were all instituted by the LIDM pioneers of the early 90s. I’m personally thankful the band stuck around this long, and equally thankful they arranged and developed the criterion of brutal music in a personalized way, as opposed to LI bands who simply copied their favorite artists during the same time period. The more somber acoustical passages I mentioned are a suitable touch in between the heavier parts of these songs, there are lengthy guitar solos enriching the material with undertones of mystery, and even piano interludes that elaborate on this sense of mystery further. Day Of Doom stick to the rules of brutal death while taking chances and doing something inventive and original, which is something I have always appreciated from bands of any genre.

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