Monday, 4 August 2014

Album Review: PANYCHIDA - Grief For An Idol

PANYCHIDA - Grief For An Idol
(Paragon Records)
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
This is an amazing release. Eleven epic tracks of black/pagan metal from the Czech Republic, akin to Enslaved and Borknagar. You would swear Panychida were from Scandinavia if you’d just heard about them. This is the band’s fourth album after Woodland Journey (2011), Moon, Forest, Blinding Snow (2010) and Paganized (2007) and “amazing” is an understatement when describing it. You can research their Bandcamp profile for full information on this full length and to discover the work channeled into the recording of it. Listening to the finished product you’ll hear in no uncertain terms how well said effort paid off. The musicianship and delivery are almost flawless, the songwriting is tight and professional showcasing the talent it takes to play this genre of music, and the moods evoked transport you to distant faraway lands as quality black/pagan metal bands have consistently done for the last two decades. Panychida is the kind of band whose albums you have to hear more than once to get everything they bring to the table. You’re doing much more than listening to music when you put this on; you’re embarking on a journey the likes of which will remain with you for long afterward. I can’t believe I haven’t even listened to this all the way through and I’m already raving about it. Of course you have to decide for yourself whether it deserves the props but checking it out is highly recommended.

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