Friday, 1 August 2014

Demo Review: DRACARIS - Winter 2014 Demo

DRACARIS - Winter 2014 Demo
(Senseless Life)
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
With Dracaris, New York death metal remains alive and well and the brutality will continue, unstoppable. This Brooklyn band intends to obliterate everything in their path while displaying a certain amount of sophistication. Their approach to death metal involves blackened undertones evinced by the occasional occult themes as well as lyrics concerning history, religion and even astrophysics. This all conspires to make them unique in the brutal music field. Only five tracks to be heard here, but these are more than sufficient to convince you of their sincerity as musicians and lyricists. Their blackened aspects are apparent in the ancient feel accompanying their traditional death metal sound. This almost seems to assume a life of its own, recaptured in the studio without much effort other than making their imagination clear to the listener as they deliver the soundtrack to their inventive lyric writing. From the sound of things you can’t really compare them to any other local DM band, much less any DM band hailing from the States. “The Calling,” “Hexagon Sun” and “Dodecahedron” need no further explanation in this regard when it comes to relating their vision through their music, Most of the members of this band have been involved in a number of other bands and as such their experience shows as effectively as what they are creating together. Yet another promising band from NY that deserves to be noticed.

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