Friday, 1 August 2014

Zine Review: DIOVIM ZINE - Issue #7

DIOVIM ZINE - Issue #7
Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
The seventh issue of Diovim zine (Lithuania) is a marked improvement from the previous issue I covered. The front and back cover, having already shown a sense of sophistication for a print zine, are in full color. The layout and printing have tightened significantly and there seems to be an increase in material; a greater amount of articles, columns, music reviews and zine reviews with longer, more detailed interviews and more photos. Bands interviewed in this issue: Hypnos, Fatal Cliché, 1000 Bombs, Avitas, Twisted Autocracy, Esoteric, Fallen Order, Godless, Darva, Mist, Beyond The Structure and Arx Atrata. There is an additional interview with artist Tim Wetherell, a spotlight in Asphyx, an article on horror novels, an article on motorcycling, a Goth page, a newcomers' page and more material with which to feed your brain. Still no editorial but the range of topics more than make up for it. The copy I was mailed came with a CD of the band Achelous; I don’t know if the CD’s inclusion is standard release fare so you’ll have to ask the editor and staff. This zine is one you’ll want to acquire if you appreciate quality publication.

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