Friday, 10 October 2014

Album Review: A GATHERING OF NONE Nothing Left To Lose (Devil’s Music)

Nothing Left To Lose
Devil’s Music
With a band name like A Gathering Of None I expected this album to be rather somber. I was surprised the material was brighter and more upbeat than I thought it would be. This band definitely has an accessible sound while not being a typical mainstream punk band. There are several different nuances of their musicianship; one of these is the guitar production that contains a little more bite than normally anticipated. The riffs and progressions go a long way toward fueling the songs here, and they’re often in the forefront so the varying shades of influences are apparent from the first notes onward. Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath seem to be two of the biggest inspirations here. The second aspect of their sound that struck me was the lyrics written for each song which come across as more honest and introspective without relying either on self-pity or self-blame. They ring of genuine regret and desire to improve things on the author’s own terms. The depth of this fluctuates depending on which song you’re hearing and what the subject matter is. Sometimes the soul is laid bare, other times things are more personal than usual. This is unique in that it reflects the human condition more appropriately than bands of this ilk that tend to convey the same messages on each album. -Dave Wolff

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