Friday, 10 October 2014

Album Review: BOERNI K Darkangel - Triologie (I - IV) (Independent)

Darkangel - Triologie (I - IV)
Here is one of three play lists uploaded to the official Soundcloud profile of Börni Burns Kreindl, a vocalist, musician and composer based in Austria whose range in influences appear as wide as his range of instruments. The four songs comprising Darkangel - Triologie (I - IV) are a rather eclectic mix of thrash, classic metal, melodic death metal and progressive metal. The delivery is pretty straightforward with the production you would expect from a demo, but the musicianship, vocals and especially the guitar solos and lead harmonies effortlessly transcend this, demonstrating a real sense of growth potential. The third track “Darkangel III: Das Finale” exhibits the most potential, beginning with an orchestral theme complete with keyboards and featuring pianos, tempo changes and an assortment of atmospheric and circuslike sounds. What I heard certainly made me want to further experience Kreindl’s unique imagination. You can hear his compositions at the links provided here. -Dave Wolff

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