Saturday, 17 January 2015

Album Review: Dying Eyes Of Sloth - Book Of Blood

Dying Eyes Of Sloth - Book Of Blood
Genre: Death Metal

Reviewed by:  Geoff McGraw
8 of 10 horns

Track listings: 1. Flesh Collector 2.Beneath The Haunting Skies 3. Book Of Blood 4. Dead Alive

Dying Eyes Of Sloth.... Sloth one of the 7 deadly sins is defined as "..habitual disinclination to exertion; Indolence; Laziness..... none of which apply to the tracks within this 4 song ep.

Death Metal is a genre in which technicality and skill has become the standard and often suffers in my personal opinion, failing to put the groove in the music in favor of sheer speed and  brutality.

Much to my pleasure D.E.O.S. does not fall into this trap. This 4 man outfit brings the pain in a groovetastic way. Traditional death metal vocals supplied by Dave Incognito, Jay Prussack, supplying everything else as the duo pile-drives a cement truck of sound through the pavement while the driver throws the horns and windmills his neck to some very tasty riffage.

There are some obvious influences among these 4 tracks that pop out, Morbid angel for one and an obvious love for the chugging goodness we all loved from the heady heyday of thrash metal without being thrash. The songs are terrific and don't overstay their welcome, where many of D.E.O.S. contemporaries stretch the format to epic length songs that begin to become too repetitive, Dave and Jay give the song exactly what it needs and that makes it great, I felt no need at any point to "fast forward".

"Book Of Blood" is like good potato chips for the ears, you can't just listen once, while writing this I ran through it 4 (well not typing the whole time). Definitely one of my favorite recent death metal releases, the only downside being that the ep only clocks in at a shade under 12 minutes and leaves you wanting more. So get on the stick guys and give me more ....SOON!

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