Friday, 16 January 2015

Album Review: Wolfborne - In The Beginning

Wolfborne - In The Beginning
Date of Release: October 2014
Record Label: Kavorka Records
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Album Review Format: CD

Reviewed by:  Geoffrey McGraw
8 of 10 horns

Track listings: 1.Living The Life 2. Out In The Streets 3. Sex Sells 4. Jellyfish 5. The Fall 6. Funkytown 7. Let It Rain 8. Stars Are Eyes 9. Stranger 10. Let It Rain - Unplugged

Amongst the deluge of hard rock radio style bands occasionally a group stands out. Wolfborne is that group. The four members Chris Witoski, Lanning Kann, Brett Nussbaum, and Rob Sheldrick have created something really interesting with incredibly varied influences.

70's fuzz rock ...check, 90's x rock ....check, funk ...check, heavy metal ...check, mix in some Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and industrial metal  and you've got Wolfborne. The band weaves not just great songs but a great album, it makes for a great listening experience when and album has songs as diverse and enjoyable as " In The Beginning". Really I can not begin to describe the differences in the tracks, bouncing from hard rock anthem, to well constructed ballad, to Funk Rock, it is truly a great listen and has something for everyone.

Recently returned from tour with SOil, American Head Charge and (hed) p.e., and Powerman 5000 Wolfborne is intent on bringing this their debut album to the public. If you buy just one hard rock album this year be sure it's Wolfborne "In the Beginning".

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