Monday, 7 December 2015

Poem: Last Words and My Melted Wings Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Last Words and My Melted Wings
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)
Website:  MisanthropicPoetry

Time to walk away
Like you haven't waited
For this day
For what's seemed like
Eternity, eternally
Just like you,
I've been broken
Beyond repair
Worn down and
Watching it die
Before my eyes
Only left with
An empty heart
Only left with
No meaning left
No reason less
No purpose for
The smothered flame
Won't suffer death
With poise and grace
How do you trade
The all you love
For anything
What more could I say
To explain the moth to flame
You think it's madness
As we fly into the embers
Like chasing bliss
Could never cause someone pain
Assume it's insanity
That drives this odd behavior
And it breaks your heart
Each time we're burned alive
But we've got a smile on our face
You'd think, eventually
I'm sure reason would prevail
Over instinct and embracing
Of one's fate
I wish I could give you
What you've wanted
But I'm certain that it
Doesn't work this way
I've never dreamed
Of the simple life
Or picket fences
Just flying, and fire

And living for the day

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