Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Poem: The Demise of the "Dream" in the Presence of the Present Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

The Demise of the "Dream" in the Presence of the Present
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

As the last fine grain of sand fell through
The vacuum in the hour glass
It swallowed the audible world
As it free fell from higher ground
Drowned out all other sound
Overpowered them,
And they stood no chance
So they got in line
And bit their tongues
While finality hung in the air
In the center of that glass prison
Where time was held hostage
And life got away from me
And the fortress kept me looking
From the outside in
In paralyzed anticipation
As every bit of myself
Fought every bit of myself
To fight it's impending inevitability
It was the center of the universe now
A single granule of sand
Commanding the orbit of my existence
I felt the whirlwind spin
As it chewed me up and spit me out again
Like driftwood churned in the
Vicious mouth of the maelstrom
And returned to the illusion
Of momentary peace
Of that small deceitful calm
That would only last for seconds
Or minutes at a time
Before (once more)
Fresh blood could stain it's teeth
It's a familiar grueling agony
To stare at insignificance long enough
That it transforms into the catalyst
Amidst metamorphosis
The black hole manifests
This time, this moment
The only time, time has frozen
And every single time
It feeds freely on my soul
While I wait for the ringing
Of the death bell toll
I am certain this time
The sound is surely coming
To decimate chance and possibility
To signify the death of
All other outcomes
And keep the pattern intact
I would stare fixated
In surrealistic fascination
Always among the panic of
Sure anticipation
It is useless
To resist it
Once you're bound into it's grip
There is nothing that can save this
Death in slow motion
The imposter sun returns to ash
Like collected bones
In dead star graveyards below
That lone grain of sand commands
The tides with seized control
There still, perpetual
This instrument of incremental
Depletion like ominous death dealer
Nailed to the ceiling
I can not turn this world on its head
Can not buy myself more time
Empty precious seconds
Prolong the torturous inception
Of this dance of the dead
It will claim me once more
It has neutralized the escapists options
It has cornered the resourceful
And sealed closed the labyrinth
I was left to wander the endless maze
Where they blockaded all the exits
And there face to face
The last grain of sand
Fell from above
It's echo shook the earth like
New age atomic bomb
The sound it carried
Would swarm my consciousness
Like army of locusts
There, was the light-shattered
It was all still out of focus
And I witnessed the dust fall
And settle on the surface
Of this manufactured wasteland
Time was obliterated
There was no longer
A tomorrow to chase
In this lifetime
I held off the day
To preserve a false future
I held off the day

And time took me with it

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