Friday, 11 December 2015

Poem: On Lockless Keys and Keyless Locks Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

On Lockless Keys and Keyless Locks
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

From the depths
The creeping doubt
Pours out
Crawls up the spine
It's claws impale
Cold bones
Nerves kick into frenzy
Chaos unleashed
From where it looms
It resides in the silence
More deafening
With greater distance
More oppressive with
You and your paranoia
On an island all your own
Induced isolation
Or the illusion
That leads you astray
All roads lead to
The labyrinth
Of cruelty
Back to the voice
That never leaves
Well enough alone
All to convince you
That something was wrong
Something's been wrong
You flip the switch
To automatic
And set the sails
Toward tunnel vision
All the world
A blur of insignificant
Details and information
All useless to the
Stranger that can not
Trace his way home
I've carved craters
Into caverns of
Obliterated Earth
Searching for the way
To suffocate it
Crawled into the hole
My unrest had created
Built a new world
From the rubble and ruin
Of that reality
And it still followed me
To the bitterest end
And waited transcend
From the camouflage
Of an outstretched shadow
Like a parasitic symbiosis
To the breathing apparatus
And I am just the heart
And in my mind
Your mind or mine?
I never know where it ends

I never know where to start

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