Friday, 11 December 2015

Poem: Thalassic Demon: The Black Ghost Of Klapeida Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Thalassic Demon: The Black Ghost Of Klapeida
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

From the depths of black waters
Like aquatic asphalt with
Pristine shine, reflections
Glisten off the surface
And the cloaked and faceless rise
With the steel cast lantern
In apparition's fist
Risen overhead
To lead the way back
To the living world
That has since
Ceased to exist
Carrion of death
Scavenger among the ruins
Cemetery submerged
Flooded lungs for the fallen
Water logged tombs
Serrated bones in human sewage
The great cataclysmic abyss
Claim them for your own
Devoured sea legs
And their life as whole
Upon these shores of never
Where the hopeful wait
You can see it fleeting
From their tired faces
Those who held out know
Those who won't return
Were swallowed by the unforgiving
Tides into the endless catacombs
In the stillness of nightfall
When the winds have frozen
The disruptive echo of steel
Shatters the paralyzed silence
The hands of iron bones
From a soulless body
Grip upon the wooded
Doorway like rungs of rusted ladder
They waken from false tranquility
Of uninvited slumber
And there the shapes move
In the shadows
Beneath the bronze mask
And blueness of the Moon
Face to face with the ghost
Of impending dread and doom
Follow me into forever
It will all be over soon
I'm looking for the others
Life just left behind
Swim in your despair

And give to me your mind

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