Thursday, 10 December 2015

Poem: (Our) World's Apart Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

(Our) World's Apart
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)
Website:  Misanthropic Poetry

What about you
You've ceased to exist
Captive castaway
Communications not severed
From your island
I have seen and heard
Signs of life
Modern day
Digital smoke signals
Emanate from the mouths
On their fingertips
And I feel like an intrusive frequency
Eavesdropping on their channel
Observing the conversation
Of strangers that used to be
Familiar faces
I have seen and heard
The words
Pour out of the smoke stack
Like a lone abandoned factory
On the side of a desolate mountain
Over looking the water
Trapped in the atmosphere
Engulfed in the scenery
A part of the mechanical world
Swallowed up by nature
And transformed into relics
And ancient, misplaced mythologies
Absorbed into the vacuum
And trapped between eternity
And the present
These words float like
Space garbage in this
State of the art oblivion
I can see and hear
The words reaffirm
A dulled out pulse
All around us
Falls in reverse
But they're still breathing
We've omitted mutual space
For faceless transmissions
And cast into it's exile
With shorelines lined
With electric fences
There is a distant light
A shred of hope
Shrouded in darkness
But the thickened fog
Has taken all my friends
And transformed us into
Perfect strangers
And the truth
Still shines through
Where the flood used
To hide them
All people in close proximity
But none of us

Can find them

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