Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Poem: The Unappeasable Noise and Silence (Neither One Is Enough) Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

The Unappeasable Noise and Silence
(Neither One Is Enough)
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Infinity vortex
Has devoured time
Pulled consciousness into
A vacuum
Elapsed hours
In the blink of an eye
Returned me to reality
In real time
With flashes of interference
In this fortress of isolation
Crossed signals
Like inter dimensional
Pendulum between two worlds
One that exists
And one for retreat
Nothing absorbed
I'm so engulfed in duality
It all blurs the line
Excess sonic bursts
Are arbitrary dice rolls
The sounds melt into themselves
And I am the collateral damage
Attention spread so thin
Should pull the body apart
But I stay together
Slip even further
Drift beyond the outer limits
Here and gone, in unity
Here and now
And elsewhere simultaneously
Heard every nuance
In mic'd up hyperspeed
And it was lost on
Account of
Overloaded memory
Never processed
Only heard
Never happened
Liquid concrete
Into air and earth
There is a dead zone
In this world
Exempt from laws of
Our own polarity
I think they left me there
I think I fed too much
On the therapy of song
I think the notes
Seeped into my blood
I think the muse
Merely wanted out
Of his prison
And scratched and clawed
Only to find more walls
Like a small box
In a smaller box
Repeating the madness forever
I think the only thing that
Satiates the hunger
Needs to feed more
Much more than we'll sustain
By the time it depletes us
And we'll long for more again
That transcendence, I crave
Has bred this
Separation, as one
Entity, within itself
And it has sharpened
Both sides of the blade

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