Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Album Review: BLACK FAST – Terms of Surrender - by: Reggae

BLACK FAST – Terms of Surrender
Release date: August 7th, 2015
Label: Entertainment One
Genre: Progressive Black/Thrash Metal
Year: 2015
Country: USA

Reviewed by: Reggae

Track listing:
00:00 The Keep
04:18 To Propagate the Void
09:31 The Coming Swarm
16:16 Tongues of Silver
20:49 I Conspire
26:40 Haunted Vigil
31:44 The Fall
36:26 Vacuous Idol
40:27 Until Dust

Been a while since I’ve reviewed any heavy metal but this was a great one to get back into it with!
      Who are these guys and where are they from? Black Fast are straight down the line thrash metal in the vein of the almighty Germans Destruction and guitar riffs which sound like a cross between Destruction and Helloween. Vocals have great attack throughout the whole listening experience, sitting somewhere between destruction and Kreator. The guitar chops are simply amazing. Put simply this brings back everything about what thrash metal should be about, the guys play with skill, precision and the passion it would take to recreate the sounds of such revered influences while still pushing the boundaries of what thrash metal should be, sounding modern and fresh the whole time…. I do detect some modern black metal influences in there too but it does not take away from the thrash goodness
      There is no point analyzing individual songs as they are all great and the release is extremely coherent and never loses intensity from the first note to the last toll of the bell
Another thing I want to know is where the hell did these guys record this? I have no idea but it sounds ready to beat down in the big leagues of heavy metal. This is NO shitty pro tools recording, whoever layed this one down to tape (or hard drive as it is now days) is a fucking legend, capturing every nuance in the vocals and the guitar attack. These guys are ready to take on the big boys and they are armed with the material (artillery) necessary to do so
     OVERALL: EVERYTHING IS PERFECT … I cannot think of anything that would make this any better. I'll go put on some tight jeans and bullet belt... Thrash or Die

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