Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Album Review: Limb From Limb - EMET by: Alan Lisanti

Limb From Limb
Title: EMET
Album Review Format: MP3
Date Of Release: March 25th 2016
Record Label: Independent
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LimbFromLimbMetal/

Review by : Alan Lisanti

1. Impale The Icon
2. Dead Earth Symphonies
3. The Stench Of Our Victory
4. March Of The Apocalypse
5. Unmerciful Dominion
6. Blessed By Black Horns
7. Extinction
8. Hollow Skies
9. Beneath My Legacy
10. EMET

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 horns

Limb From Limb, based out of Australia, has been around since 2004 and has an EP, Delimbed By The Minion (January 2016), and a full length, Rip Him From His Fucking Throne (June 2007) under their belts. The band is set to release their brand new full length called simply, EMET, soon enough. So, what should one expect on the band's upcoming release? Self described as simply, Australian Brutal Death Metal, they definitely deliver in the brutality department. This album pummels you from the second it starts until the very last note, and does so with a sense of precision and relentlesness that shows a band that is tight, and comfortable in their own skin. At the same time, I hear a depth and variety to these songs that shows that the band is not merely content to stay in a small box and simply be brutal only for brutality or technicality's sake. It's obvious the band doesn't mind pushing their own boundaries and limits, and the overall result is a well oiled and ambitious machine that has no problem delivering the heaviness at all. There are times where each instrument will shine in certain parts of the songs, and there are times where they lock into more of an all out sonic assault of sorts. Whether it's the drums, the bass, the guitar, or the vocals, each piece of the puzzle plays it's part, but also proves it can add a little extra something to the overall song which gives the album a little more dynamic and variety. The closing track even sees the band push things into almost Portal-esque terroritory proving once again that the band isn't one for convention or tradition so much as it's about exploration and unapologetic destruction. There are no weak links in the machine that is Limb From Limb, and this album proves you can still write good songs without sacrificing heaviness or technicality for good songwriting. Unmerciful Dominion and Blessed By Black Horns are among my favorites upon a few listens, but I'm going to give a few more spins to let this one fully sink in. Something about this release calls to mind a vague reminiscence to None So Vile or Blasphemy Made Flesh era Cryptopsy, and that's not to say the sound is similar. Really I think the comparison or the common thread between the two is the uncompromising nature of their respective approaches. Limb From Limb makes no apologies for wreaking havoc on the human psyche or your ear drums. If you're familiar with any of the band's other work, you will definitely appreciate this latest effort. If you've never heard Limb From Limb, you owe it to yourself as a fan of Brutal Death to check this one out. EMET sees the band deliver what fans would come to expect from them, and push themselves forward writing, production, and playing wise just as much at the same time.

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