Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Album Review: Crawl - Worship Death (EP) Reviewed by: Alan Lisanti

Title: Worship Death EP
Album Review Format: MP3 (Bandcamp)
Date Of Release: February 1, 2016
Record Label: Bloodsoaked Records
Genre: Death Metal

Tracklist: 1. Altar
                  2. Drenched
                  3. Endless Grave

Reviewed by: Alan Lisanti

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 horns

Sweden's, Crawl, have just unleashed their EP, Worship Death, on Bloadsoaked Records at the beginning of this month.  Worship Death is the second release from Crawl, as they released their first EP, I Serpents, last year. The new EP clocks in at roughly 10 minutes, which is quick, but it's all this band really needs to establish themselves. Right out the gate, the track opener, Altar, sets the course. That course is raw, extreme, heavy, filler free, unapologetic Swedish D-beat Death Metal. Altar does an excellent job of setting the pace, and laying the framework, but the next 2 tracks see the band spread their wings a little more proving they're no one trick pony. If you're familiar with old school Entombed, Dismember, or any of the other forefathers of early Swedish Death Metal, then you have a decent idea what to expect with this style of Death Metal. Of course, it's pretty typical to draw the comparison to early Entombed and the like when talking about Swedish Death Metal. The thing is, while certain qualities remain almost commonplace in Swedeath, Crawl manages to stay true to the art form, but the band also stands strong on  their own with their interpretation of it. This is not some cheap attempt to follow in anyone's footsteps. This is 100 percent the real deal, and there are plenty of elements that make Crawl unique and very much it's own entity. Everything from the vocal approach, to the D-beat laden Crust Punk undertones and aesthetics, and the strength of the riffs and writing prove to be refreshing, but there is also no mistaking the Death Metal elements, and the raw/underground approach of it. The bass work is solid too, and the guitar and bass tones are exactly what this sort of Death Metal needs. Overall, Worship Death by Crawl walks a fine line between the echoes of the old school with a freshness to the approach that makes for a strong release and a promising future for the band. Worship Death is available now through Bloadsoaked Records on Limited 7 Inch Vinyl (500 copies), and comes with a free Crawl patch. You can also find the EP on limited release on CD and Tape.

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