Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Album Review: Distillator – Revolutionary Cells Reviewed by: Fury

Title: Revolutionary Cells
Label: Empire Records
Genre: Thrash Metal

Reviewed by: Fury

1. Guerrilla Insurgency
2. Saturation Bombing
3. Shiver in Fear
4. Distinct or Extinct
5. Revolutionary Cells
6. Bloody Assault
7. Suicidal
8. Death Strip
9. Sacred Indoctrination

The skies are getting darker as the nightfall sets in, while sitting on my Metal Throne; it starts to ramble while blasting Distillator. Distillator, released their debut full-length album, “Revolutionary Cells” which blew me away with most of their songs bringing an old school 80s style thrash metal to our generation. Distillator formed in 2013, this three piece Thrash Metal band, hailing from the Netherlands, delivers a nail driven album that should be played in for years to come.

I just got blown away with their opening track “Guerrilla Insurgency” with some pure thrash metal that felt like I could have grown up listening to them, but that is not the case. The sludging riffs came soaring out of nowhere and hook you on a first take, making you want to continue the rest of the album straight through. Two other songs that show killer guitar work by Laurens (also the vocalist) are “Saturation Bombing” and “Distinct or Extinct”. "Saturation Bombing" is unquestionably a great offering with sick, technical and fast paced riffing, and incredible solo work that blew my mind. While “Distinct or Extinct” takes it down a few notches, but the crunchy guitar work is massive, and both songs are very memorable. Many bass players are usually thrown in the background, but “Shiver in Fear” starts off with great bass lines by Frank before the insanity begins. While the tempo shifts slightly adding a punk vibe to “Revolutionary Cells”, it shows a new side of their skills while still keeping the riffs meaty and eccentric. The solo work and drum work in “Bloody Assault” really stood out, and both songs were well executed in my book. ‘Sacred Indoctrination’, the last track on the album completes this great Thrash Metal album.

The production was well polished, while the mixing and mastering was done by Dennis Koehne who has also worked with Sodom, Exhumer, and many other bands. Many would agree that the lyrics themselves are distinctive thrash metal themes (such as anarchy, revolution, war/post-war trauma, and religious propaganas), but they stick to their old school roots and produced what needed to be done correctly.

This nine track album delivers some great lead work, heavy riffs, rhythm parts, high pitched screams, good backing vocals and tense percussions, as well as some technical drum moments that are exciting and set a standard that shows. Laurens's talent shines continuously with his riffing and solo presentation. He knows how to shred fast, and shred well. This is an album full of powerful riffing and lead guitar work. The riffs found here are not your run of the mill thrash riffs repeated over and over again that tend to get boring after a while. They can deliver riffs that make you feel you are listening to something new and fresh. Laurens H's vocals, high end sneers, screams and squeals are immediately impressive upon first listen.

I can definitely see many old school thrashers from the 80’s enjoying this fantastic album. For my generation of Thrash Metal this album will be a legend one day.

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