Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Album Review: SORROWFUL- IN THE RAINFALL by Charlie Taylor III

Date of Release:  June 29, 2015
Solitude Productions: solitude-prod.com
Website: https:  https://www.facebook.com/sorrowfuldoom

Reviewed by:  Charlie Taylor III
1. The Last Journey
2. Nothingness
3. Gray People
4. Oceans Of Darkness
5. Utopian Existence
6. Frozen Sun
7. The Machine Of Desolation
8. The Flight Of Mind
9. Eager Of Death

   This album held my attention all the way through from the  opening note until the very end and left me satisfied and wondering when i am going to get to hear more. SORROWFUL manage to churn out some really effective, crushingly heavy, and utterly melancholic music on this nine song opus. They definitely have a solid grasp on what they are doing musically combining the slow agonizing crawl of a funeral dirge with melody and the raging ferocity of death metal, and made me realize what made me love death/doom metal in the first place. SORROWFULL's riffs take me back to the time when doom and death metal were in heavy rotation on my stereo in the late eighties and early nineties.

    The overall production and sound quality on the album is top notch. I really can't say enough good things about the guitar riffs on the album. They play dirges that would make the souls of the dead weep,
combine that with bursts of ripping death metal , they manage to paint an excellent image of sorrow onto the canvas of the listener's mind.

   SORROWFUL has managed to create one of the more interesting albums in the death/doom genre that I have had the pleasure of sitting down and listening to. Listening to this made me instantly want to start writing a doom album. I definitely recommend this to people that love bands like BOLT THROWER, early CELTIC FROST, CIANIDE, and CANDLEMASS. Great job guys.

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