Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Album Review: Terrordome - Machete Justice Reviewed By: Fury

Title: “Machete Justice”
Date Of Release: May 15th, 2015
Record Label: Defense Records
Genre: Thrash Metal

1. Machete Justice
2. Crocodile
3. Give Me Back My Money
4. Nocturnal Emission
5. Terror Thrash Killing Machine
6. Human Wreckage
7. Favourite Sport: Mosh
8. Italian Stallion
9. Back to the ‘80s
10. Evil Monk
11. Welcome to the Bangbus

Reviewed By: Fury
Score: 6.5 out of 10 horns

Terrordome formed in 2005 in Cracow, Poland. Since then they have been bringing a countless list of EP’s and compilations to the metal scene. These thrashers also have released a split with Chaos Synopsis called, ‘Intoxicunts’ on January 8th, 2016 (which I haven’t heard as of yet). Terrordome sure don’t waste any time bringing the in your face thrashing cross over hardness, and it's well executed. Terrordome's sophomore release “Machete Justice” is worth the last few dollars you have left between your jean vest, mc or ripped jeans (so save your pennies).

I sat down on my metal throne and stuck in my earphones. My first encounter, I almost blew out my eardrums for having the volume turned up way to loud. Absolutely, we love it loud but not that close to my ears. So, I restarted it again at a decent volume. Diving straight into the old school feel of Thrash Metal aggression on their first track, ‘Machete Justice’ and ready to mosh into my four walls. There are moments when a guitarist can rip through a soaring solo, making it sound so easy, but they are more complex then what we think. The solo work and massive guitar riffs are both masterfully crafted. Both Mekong MinEtaur's virtuous drumming skills, and the following bass lines by De Kapitzator's were good, but there were a few short moments with lagging drum parts but it does get caught up. It felt like a short delayed reaction.

The song that still has my full attention is “Nocturnal Emission”, the riffs repeat within my head making my brains work even faster. Throughout the eleven tracks, you have a nice mix of shrill vocals by Uappa Terror, and even some great guest vocalists such as: Tom the Srom (vocals on "Back to the '80s") , Sloma (in screams) and Rafał "Don Vito" Halamoda in "Exomedley" (hidden track in the end) which all added more flavor to the songs. What a great selection of guests! The frequent changes within the rhythm section, as well as respectable compositions that are fast and vicious, technically advanced solos (which capture your attention throughout the release) , and a little added spice of modern or punkish atmosphere that all blends well (some of us will notice it if you take a good listen). I can see them going on tour with some of my Thrash Metal forefathers Metallica, Overkill, and Exodus since you can also hear these influences throughout this release but standing on stage in their own rightful spotlights.

They say that Thrash never dies and it’s been proven once again!

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