Saturday, 12 March 2016

Album Review: Band: Auðn - "Auðn" Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

Album: Auðn
Label: Metallic Media
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

1. Klerkaveldi
2. Undir blóðmána
3. Sífreri
4. Feigð
5. Landvættur
6. Þjáning heillar þjóðar
7. Auðn

Auðn were formed in 2010 in Iceland and this is their first album, released in November of 2014. It might be 1 and a half year almost, but it doesn't matter. This band knows what to do. Cold yet extremely melodic black metal with the use of lyrics in their own language and the package is ready. It took them 4 years to prepare their first first hit but it was worth the wait for sure. Throughout the album, I found influences from Immortal, Enslaved and even Manegarm and Hirilorn!!! The band is mature, well bonded between the members and it shows in every song, in every riff. For me, one very strong point is the singer. His vocals are harsh, yet clean and well performed. Of course that doesn't mean that the whole band doesn't know how to play. On the contrary, every instrument is played and nailed. Also the production of this album is something that must be mentioned. Not very clean, but exactly as raw as it should be for the atmosphere of music played under the cold mountains and fjords to be delivered! I wish that we could have more material to listen and review, but I hope that they will not stop here. We will see them down the road very soon and it will be a blast and you all can be sure about that! Well played Auðn... Well played!!!

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