Saturday, 12 March 2016

Album Review: Serpent Noir - "Erotomysticism" Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

Serpent Noir
Title: Erotomysticism
Label: Daemon Worship Productions
Genre: Black Metal

Reviewed by: Nick Yngve

1. Path of the Raven
2. The Veritable Red Dragon
3. Ayin
4. Al Runa
5. Desert of Azazel
6. The Initiatrice of A'arab Zaraq
7. The Dioscuri of Darkness
8. Ayahuasca
9. Mephistophelian Pacts

Serpent Noir hail from Athens, Hellas and formed in 2006. It is one of the few bands I know that still keep their lineup steady after 10 years of existence. So far they have released the "Sanguis XI" EP in 2010, the "Seeing Through the Shadow Consciousness (Open Up the Shells)" full length album in 2012 and "Gateway to the Nightside" split EP with Andramelech in 2013.
"Erotomysticism" is their second full length album, which was released on the 30th of April in 2015.
The album begins with a ritual "song" that reminded me a lot of Phurpa (or the Masters of Bon as they are called by some people). A very mourning like track that gets you instantly in the mood of waiting what you listen next. The band is shows from the first second where their hearts and minds are devoted. After the second track, black metal kicks in. Don't expect ultra-fast blast beats and squealing vocals. Here we have some people with their minds settled and they know what they want to give to the people listening to them. With the addition of some help from respected musicians in metal, like Christofer Johnsson and Thomas Karlsson from Therion and Mika Belfagor from Ofermod among others, their second album becomes a masterpiece of ritualistic black metal art. The atmosphere that they put out along with the lyrics and the occult philosophy of the band and all of that combined with the Sumerian and Mesopotamian influences are giving the listener the means to "travel" to the ancient lands of Knowledge and Magick. Almost in the middle of the album, another ritualistic track comes and again it made me close my eyes and "see" further beyond our reality before they return to the overall black metal they can play so good.

All in all, this album is one of the best releases that came from Hellas the previous year. I highly recommend it to every black metal fan, especially to those who like Acherontas, Acrimonius, Melechesh and of course ambient and ritual music.

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