Thursday, 31 March 2016

Album Review: Gloria Morti - "Kuebiko" - Reviewed by: Fury

Gloria Morti
Album: Kuebiko
Genre: Black/Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Willowtip Records
Release: March 18th, 2016
Reviewed by: Fury

1. Syntymä
2. The Foul Stench of Vomiting Blood
3. Josef Fritzl
4. Chimeral Form
5. Death by a Thousand Cuts (Lingchi)
6. Case No. 1102162
7. Gallows Built in Rows
8. Executioner
9. The Termination of All Bonds

Gloria Morti hail from Finland and they have been creating some remarkable Black/Death Metal since they formed in 1999. Gloria Morti expertly blend a mixture of thrash, melodies and black metal, with a surreal atmospheric elements for many years throughout each release; ThornGarden (Demo, 2001), Ephemeral Life Span (Demo, 2002), Gomorrah (Demo, 2002), The Cerberos Gate (Demo, 2002), Lifestream Corrosion (Full-length, 2004), Phoenix Caged in Flesh (Demo, 2005), Eryx (Full-length, 2008), Anthems of Annihilation (Full-length, 2010), Lateral Constraint (Full-length, 2012) and their current release Kuebiko (Full-length, 2016).

While the album opens, you will hear some spoken word chants, leading into some killer death metal growls, blast beats and starting off their intensity musical direction with their first brutal track "Syntymä". The vocalist (under the name Pyscho), does a miraculous combination of vocal styles from deep death metal to some high pitched black metal throughout each track. While listening to "The Foul Stench of Vomiting Blood" it blew my mind with the intensity and my heart rate increased with strong guitar work, killer vocal ranges and drumming that shines through the darkness corners within my mind. Founding member Juho Räihä (Before the Dawn, Swallow the Sun (live) and Wolfheart (live)) is no stranger to the extreme scene with his creations. His guitar work and skills are brilliant on this release. Their lyrics are obscure and have an interesting morbid twist while Aki Salonen's bass lines in "Gallows Built in Rows" really show through along with the onslaught of soaring vicious riffs and solos created by both Juho Räihä and Eero Silvonen which almost left me salivating.

Gloria Morti's 5th album "Kuebiko" has displayed some skillful technically and notable riffs, striking solos, sick and yet brutal vocals, sufficient amount of keyboards enhancing the atmosphere, severe drumming creating a well-crafted level of brutality leaving you replaying this album constantly. The production was clear and very professional for this combination of metal. I recommend each track that delivers something everyone can appreciate in the melodic death metal and black metal scene.

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