Thursday, 31 March 2016

Album Review: Cries Of Your Sins - 2016 Promo Reviewed by: Fury

Cries Of Your Sins
Album: 2016 Promo
Genre: Extreme Metal
Country: Czech Republic
Label: Independent
Release: February 15, 2016
Reviewed by: Fury

A World of Two Suns
King of No-One

Here we have Mike Coy's solo Extreme Metal project Cries Of Your Sins from the Czech Republic. As of June 2014, Cries Of Your Sins put out their first 4-track demo simply entitled "Demo 2014". Wondering what happened for a while and two years have gone by before Cries Of Your Sins could release “2016 Promo” which includes two promotional pre-production version tracks, entitled "A World of Two Suns" and "King of No-One". Mike Coy wrote all the music, lyrics, played the guitars, bass and vocals on these two songs while hiring a session drummer named Honza Kapak. Mike is currently working on his debut album and on February 27th, 2015 Cries Of Your Sins signed with Naturmacht Productions, who will be releasing it, but no dates have been mentioned and will be released both physical and digital.

Cries Of Your Sins has a good assorted bag of goodies, borrowing different metal elements from Thrash, Melodic Death Metal, avant-garde and Black Metal, but Mike Coy is showing his ability to intertwine those elements into a coherent and flowing self-released recording. Both "A World of Two Suns" and "King of No-One" are utilizing the stringed instruments given a serene atmosphere while the vocals add a dark extreme style of metal. Each instrument starts to build momentum with thundering bass lines with interesting chugging bass overlays, while the guitars are rising great melody lines, waling thrash sound, scale driven riff work that was catchy and killer drumming, that will break down any obstructions while still staying within his personal realms of extreme metal.

I wonder if this was recorded, premixed, and produced with the assistance of Honza Kapak who is the mastermind behind Hellsound Studio and also a talented and well-rounded musician (After Rain, Avenger, Impuritum, Murder, Panychida, Radiolokátor, etc.). The production is well-crafted and at a professional level.

Cries Of Your Sins bring an intense atmosphere. Both pre-production version tracks are good offerings and looking forward to listen to the full debut album.

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