Thursday, 20 April 2017


Writer: Jay 'METALNECK' Lucas  Drummer of THREE KNUCKLES DEEP (3KD) 



A Psyco induced musical journey, with seductive driven lyrics......'METALALNECK'..... ...2017   Psykotribe is a band based out of Tampa Bay FL, which formed back in the darker days of metal in 2008, in which I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, ,, as well as experience them first hand as a fan on numerous occasions. My first time not only meeting  them, but sharing the stage with them, was quite the  experience to say  the least. We booked a gig out at the West End Trade Co. in Sanford, FL which they were already booked  on. I had been turned on to them previously, and had been awaiting this oppurtunity to jam with them As the evening came upon the Psykotribe set, it came to be no disappointment just as expected. With Devilish stage presence ,  along with seductive, but ghostly lyrics; Psykotribe; without a doubt, delivers a blow to all whom embraces the tribal code.

Psykotribe is the brainchild of vocalist Dana Darkly.  Her vision of empowerment through the intensity of sound was inspired by some really dark moments in her life.  As a child she was always considered the quiet one who often sat in the darkest corner of the classroom in the hopes that no one would talk to her.  One thing she has learned through her experiences in life is that she is not alone.   There are many that live, hiding in those very same shadows that she did and her greatest hope is that her music can be an inspiration to anyone who feels like they are not good enough and that each of them understand that they are the one's who hold the power to slay the demons that hold them back.  Part of her empowerment comes from surrounding herself with family….Psykotribe is just that, family.  

Psykotribe is:
Dana Darkly - Vocals
Jakob Sin - Vocals
Jamez Madness Harrison - Guitars
Chris Lewis - Guitars
Chad Zielesch - Bass
Adam Zielesch - Drums

Dana Darkly......
METALNECK: Can you please tell me there  Ms. Darkly,  I know this band originated from the realms of the Darkly Darkness, but did you yourself, or may I ask who did, come up with the name, and the whiole 'Psykotribe theme, and what year did it originate?
Dana: The band name actually came from Jamez.  We were going through possible names for the band, Lillith was actually the original name we considered but then Jamez came up with Psykotribe and it was all over.
METALNECK: I personally have experienced not only just on sharing the stage with Psykotribe, but as a fan in the crowd also, the Psykotribe madness, and I find it to be a bit mixture of Powerful Seductness, with a taste of Chaoticness if I may, which has always been a pleasure for me to attend, but how in your mind, thinking as a fan, would you describe your style, stage presence and musically, and who were your main influences?
Dana: I have lots of musical influences but I think my stage presence and even music is mostly inspired by horror, both movies and stories.  I’m a Sci-Fi channel nut, I love the cheesiest horror movies as well as the scariest.  The more blood and gore the better, the more twisted the better.  From the fans side I guess they would think we’re fucking nuts, like looneys that escaped the nut farm.  I guess that’s kind of who we are.  In many ways who we are onstage is not very different from how we are in real life.  I know it seems funny to say but we really are dysfunctional as hell.  We never practice our stage stuff, that shit just happens naturally.  I guess that’s because we’re family and it’s natural for a family to be free and goofy without concern for what people think.  I guess the main thing people get from us is that we don’t give a fuck and I think most people can relate to that.    
METALNECK: For myself wasnt lucky enough, or may  really  be fortunate not  have (loll), to have not only 1 member of the fam , but 2 family members in my band with me. Can you please elaborate on the experience and the patience it takes to stay strong/bonded enough to keep creating such influensial music?
Dana: Wow, thank you!!!  I think its love and trust.  There is a strong bond that holds us all together like any family But your right, it’s very different to be in a band like this.  Tbh I don’t know of any other way to do this since Psykotribe marked the beginning of my musical journey.  I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.
METALNECK: Last but not least, please tell your fans what they can expect in the future,  from the Ms. Dana Darkly talented collection of artwork,  but from the whole Psykotribe experience to come?
Dana: We finally finished tracking our soon to be titled full length album with Alex Vincent and Mung Parker at AV Studios in Clearwater FL.  We are looking at a late spring, early summer release.  We are currently booking our summer dates up the east coast and are ready to spread our psyko everywhere.  I have been busy working on lot’s of new paintings and am currently working on producing prints of my artwork so I can share my art all over.  Being able to combine my family, my music and my art into one thing is fucking awesome.

Jamez Madness.....

METALNECK: So tell me there Mr. Harrison, when you and the wife met,(Dana Darkly),  were you both already in bands, or was that something that evolved in time with both if you? 

Jamez: I’ve played guitar since I was a teenager but being in a band didn’t really interest me at first.  I just loved playing guitar.  When I met Dana I was in a weekend jam band but we didn’t take it too seriously.  I remember that I got a call from a friend who was in a band called Bastard, they had a show scheduled in Tampa but their Bassist was going to be out of town and couldn’t perform.  He asked if I thought I could learn 8 songs on bass in a week and if I would be willing to perform with them.  I agreed and mastered playing their songs in 5 days.  This was my first time playing onstage so I was extremely nervous...especially since I was not really a bass player.  The moment I stepped out onto the stage my addiction to the stage began.  I took my jam band, made some member changes and began taking it more seriously.  The band was Kronik Disorder and it became my passion over 5 years.  Through this time Dana began to express her desire to perform.  I had never heard her sing or scream so I never really put much thought to it.  She threw me a surprise party one weekend and invited a lot of my band friends over to have an open jam in my garage.  She grabbed the mic and began to scream.  I didn’t know who was on the microphone at first and even when I saw her doing it, I questioned where the sound was coming from.  Yeah, that was pretty much the moment I decided she needed a band.  I helped her put together a band but I was not originally part of the lineup.  I watched her perform her first show and I was absolutely mesmerized.  Not only at her vocals but also her ability to bring in a crowd, she is extremely genuine and it really comes out onstage.  It was at that moment that I realized that I was in the wrong band.  
METALNECK: What makers of guitars are your favs, type of strings you use, and at what age did you pick one up and what influenced you? 
Jamez: My current arsenault includes my Dean Vendetta, LTD M103, Schecter Damien and my custom Killer B Guitar.  My favorites are my Killer B Custom and my Dean….they are my babies.  I play with and swear by my Von York Kelvinite Guitar Strings.
My first stringed instrument was the violin.  I started playing when I was in Kindergarten and played up through Middle School.  I had the opportunity when I was young to play and be tutored by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, it was my passion until it just wasn’t cool to bring a violin case to school anymore.  It was at that point I switched to guitar.  I started playing by learning tablature of Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth songs and played them on my first guitar, a Fender Gemini Acoustic Guitar.  I learned that you can really build up your finger callouses by learning thrash metal on an acoustic...haha!  My first electric guitar was an old Dean guitar, couldn’t even tell you the model...all I remember is that it weighed about 500lbs.
METALNECK: So  I know Jakob is your son, and Danas step son,  which is very talented and in the band as well, but is there any other famiy members that are musucally talented, and if so, what do they do? 
Jamez: Correct...Jakob is my son and Dana’s stepson.  I will never forget when my ex was pregnant with Jakob, he would bump around in her belly to the sound of anything metal.  When he was a baby, the only way to get him to calm down was to take him for a ride and blast metal.  When he was 5 his favorite band was Anthrax while all his friends were into the Backstreet Boys.  Yeah, Jakob is metal all the way.  We have five kids altogether (Jakob, Jessica, Marissa, Derrick and Ashton).  Every one of our kids has their own talents, not all of them are musical though.  Derrick has dabbled with the drums but his true love is his artwork and he also enjoys creating electronic music.  Marissa actually starred in our first official music video titled “Take Control”.  She plays the deranged Cinderella role.  Ashton and Jessica are also very artistic.  
METALNECK: So what style or genre, would you label Psykotribe under, and if you had to choose a different style to play; What would it be?
Jamez: When it comes to the style or genre of our band, aside from being metal I have often struggled with figuring what subgenre to label us as.  My influences on guitar are far ranging which may keep me from playing one particular style.  I will say most of my influences come everywhere from Thrash to Death Metal to Hardcore Punk to old Acid Rock...I mean, it’s all over the place...haha!

Jakob Sin.......
METALNECK: So tell me Mr. Sin....At what age did you feel deep down that you were made to be a part of the Whole Tribe Experience, and how easy is it, (if at all), to write music with Stepmom(Dana Darkley) and pops (Jamez C. Madness)?
Jakob: When Psykotribe started with the original lineup I would go up on stage and do backup vocals for one song, and I was about 14 when that was going on, and that continued when we reformed to the lineup today.  I officially joined Psykotribe when I turned 18 and started going up full time, but our writing time is pretty interesting. Chris will come out with an ideas for riffs and him and my Dad (Jamez), Chad and Adam will work on it from there, moulding it as it fits. Dana writes most of her lyrics ahead if time, and then her and I will help take her lyrics and set the vocal rhythms according to what the music is doing, it's a bit tedious and takes maximim effort from all of us, and seems to work so far...Da hahaha

METALNECK: Not only are you a pretty talented vocalist, you are also a pretty tight niched skin beater as well. So do you actually own you're own set, and if so, what kind and how many pieces?

Jakob: I own a 5 piece Pearl Form Kit..I actually bought it from Mike, the drummer for The Cunningham Wake. 

METALNECK: What is you're all time butterfly to the gut A$$ kickin Psykotribe tune of all time?

Jakob: My favorite song we do varies but I gotta say "Wicked White Lies"..It's a great song for the pit, cuz the versus are slow and almost makes you gallop, but then the chorus comes and punches you in the mouth..HAHAHAHA.

METALNECK: Psykotribe I'm sure, has had numerous, memorable moments on and off stage, but can you reminisce on an all time Jakob Sin moment for you're fans?
Jakob: My favorite show moment to date, is when we played Otepfest at the State Theatre. The venue was so packed and at the end of "LEFT BEHIND" we had almost the Entire crowd chanting with us, and that was pretty amazing, and definitely had my blood pumping the test of the n