Friday, 21 April 2017


I managed to get this from esteemed and prolific Greek drummer Nick Samios, who did a couple of guest guitar spots on the album.... Speedrush are an old school thrash band in the fine tradition of Sodom (Agent Orange / Persecution Mania era) and Destruction and to a lesser degree Kreator ... They do a mighty fine job of it too I must say! The boys have been achieving some great things in their homeland of Greece with supports slots (including an upcoming gig with Sinister) and some big gigs and write ups in notable magazines as well as the release of this baby on vinyl by Floga Records.

Speaking of this record, the guitar work is what stands out about this most of all... Lightning fast guitar riffage and absolutley blazing guitar solo's are the order of the day with precision execution and crystal clear production make this a thrash guitar fans dream come true. The guitar work of Thanos trading off solos and rhythms is nothing short of brilliant, I would soooo love to see this live! The vocals are clear and aggressive with a similar nod to Kreator, Sodom etc... overall I have to say I'm a huge fan of these guys from the initial listen!

In a way this might be the next level for thrash fans and the lads have had the benefit of growing up on steady diet of 80's thrash and I think they've really pushed the extremities of riff shreddage to another level that their influences were not able to to back in the day!

Andreas the drummer has done a great job behind the drum seat and his rapid double kicks really shine through on this rounding out a great package rather nicely! Overall this release was nothing but a pleasure to listen to and it really took me back to special time in thrash, the boys even have retained that feeling with the cover art as well!

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Speed rush are:
Nir Beer - Vocals
Nick Ratman - Guitars
Tasos Papadopoulos - Guitars
Spiros Spiliotakos - Bass
Andreas Disco Destroyer - Drums

Listen to the full album here:

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