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Gig Report: Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The Gods US Tour 2014

Amon Amarth: Deceiver Of The Gods US Tour 2014
Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Skeletonwitch
Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
January 26, 2014
Mistress Brynhild

It's a bit to breezy and chilly for my taste while waiting on a packed line and wishing that I arrived early to beat this crowd line. Although, sometimes waiting on line can be very interesting, some individuals were a bit thrashed smelling like a brewery of old stale beer and B.O. (have people forgotten what deodorant is?) and in hopes they don't vomit in my hair or clothing because that would wreak my night. Never forget the classics when a couple of hot chicks try to get in front of you acting as you were together in the first place, maybe I should try that the next time around but I'm not that tacky and ride it out like everyone does. Some dudes are just suckers thinking they will score by the end of the show but needless to say, “You'll go home empty and feel a bit idiotic in front of your boys”. Geez, when will some people learn a lesson.

For a Sunday concert was filled and talked my way through the pit area to get closer to the stage before all the Mayhem began. While waiting for the show to being I've notices a few people were grounding themselves before the pits being and hopefully this time I won't fall on my ass but that's what pits are all about. And I made a smart move to wear lower heeled boots instead of my 7 inches. I’m pleased to see a good turn out for the bands this evening and this is the way it should be.

The promoter of the event actually took the stage and started tossing out plastic cups which had some tickets for future shows at the Revolution and I rack up with tickets for Ice Earth this coming April and it sure wasn't fun when dudes went ballistic trying to get it out of my hands. Thanks to the elbow right into my chest as you could clearly notice I'm a chick but Oooppsss sorry to the dude I slightly kneed in the balls but what fair is fair I thought that was pretty sweet and a great way to have fans continue to attend shows. Definitely, a great way to open up the show and get the fans excited.

As the lights dim, I'm soaked to see Skeletonwitch for the first time live. They are an American Thrash Metal and Black metal band from Athens, Ohio who formed in 2003. I've heard they put on one hell of a concert but I'll witness this myself for the first time. Opening up with one of my favorite songs, "This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill),"the chaos and rage begun with the pit opening and crowd surfer taken over the area in which crave for. In the mist of their opening song, my iphone hit the ground and I couldn't find it and was a bit pissed off because now I won't have a few pictures to include and more then that its going to take ages for me to place it since I lost my job two weeks ago, but what can you do? Nothing! I should have known better myself but I said screw it and continued in the pit myself. Garenette belting out his vocal trademarks with full force and triumph while Scott and Nate are shredding fearlessly. They providing perhaps the most energetic sets of the night. They included some older material which highlighted my night with“Burned from Bone,” "Crushed Beyond Dust" and "Beyond The Permafrost" and closed it with "Within My Blood" in which completed my night besides them owning the crowd throughout their set.

I needed a break and headed to the bar and found my two friends in a heavy and deep make out session. That awkward moment and feeling like the third wheel. Ever feel that way. I'm getting pumped up to see Enslaved while my friends are dripping drool all over each other faces. Refreshing drink I may add and not to overpriced like some venues are. I drank a bit faster then I normally do but I wanted to make my way back to the stage area.

I wonder how many will react when Enslaved takes the stage and glad they made it to Florida and I hope they have added some material from my favorite 1994 release, “Frost”. Enslaved is a progressive black metal band from Norway. They formed in 1991 and have been putting out amazing albums throughout their career. The sweat is pouring bit off my forehead and glad I had a pony tail holder to cool off a bit and once they take the stage out will come so I can spin my head around like a lunatic and sorry to those I may hair whip in the face.

The lights start to dim once again, I'm grasping for air, my heart is pounding as if its going to explode while the mood is setting in and "Death In The Eyes Of Dawn," from their latest RIITIIR album is blazing and felt the pit weaken maybe because many here don't know much about them or maybe not familiar with their newest album. Oh yes, “Ruun,” “Ethica Odini,” “RIITIIR.” sounded purely sick, brutal and yet beautiful. I prepare myself for two weeks at times blasting the bands on the bills albums and wish some would be more prepared but than again everyone likes what they like. I'm in my own world at concerts taken each note into my mind, enjoying not only the band but the people around me having a blast as some headbangers and some moshers just having tons of fun. At first the pit was a bit weak but it picked up during their classics "Allfáðr Oðinn," from their 1993 Hordanes Land EP and ending their set with “IsaI.” Hell, instead of the members bowing for a long time, well I felt it was long they could have added another song to the set. They did deliver. Guitarist Ivar Bjørnson just blew me away in a live setting.

I ran to the bathroom as face as I could because you know ladies how long the line can get. Lucky enough I only waited 10 minutes, and shit I did I look like hell but that's what a metal show is all about instead of looking hot and sexy. LOL I then grab another drink and got a nasty look by some other chick and didn't give a fuck because I was more interested in getting a quick drink. I think its pretty fucked up that some people don't leave the bartenders tips, they don't get paid a lot and realize on tips people. Maybe you would understand if you were a bartender some point in your life. While my two friends are still making out as if they made it again through another bands set and didn't get crushed in the pit, seems that way. LOL Anyways, now I'm getting pumped up again for the main meal with Amon Amarth.

I'm getting restless and just want Amon Amarth to take the stage and conquer it like Viking Warriors. I'm pondering why it seems a bit emptier in here, did people go outside to have a cig, get some air, or leave because they had to go to work early in the morning. I have no idea what time it is because as I said, I lost my iphone in the mist of the being of the event and no one has turned it in, I'm sure its in pieces scattered all over the place. Apart of me cares and apart of me doesn't because I'm having an Epic time. Just reminds me of how my father would tell us as kids, you can't cry over spilled milk, in this case I hope my drink doesn't spill over.

Amon Amarth was formed in 1992, from Sweden. They are a Melodic Death Metal band who writes amazing lyrics based on Viking, mythology and their own history. They've been one of my favorite bands for the past 12 years. Everyone is starting to return to the stage area and more crowded then before. I'm trapped, I can't move, I can't breath, and a dude I don't know stands behind me and I can feel his penis on the back of my body, pretty much will explain how crowded it got. I don't know what is worse that feeling or when you crow surf and everyone is trying to get a cheap groping feel to make their night.

Onward, let the battle begin. Amon Amarth taken the stage and damn he is looking sexier then ever, Johan Hegg at the helm, opening up the set with their slaughtering set with "Father Of The Wolf," “Deceiver of the Gods,” “Death in Fire,” “Free Will Sacrifice,” “As Loke Falls,” and yes they are, “We Shall Destroy,” and definitely winning over the fans and conquering the stage. Fredrik Andersson’s double-bass caving in my chest , while fans are moshing, headbanging,clapping, singing along, “Runes to My Memory,” “Varyags of Miklagaard,” “The Last Stand of Frej,” as Johan throwing the mic out to the fans as we are chanting so epic and adding a tremendous chorus to “ Guardians of Asgaard,” “Blood Eagle,” “Warriors of the North,” “Destroyer of the Universe,” “Cry of the Black Birds,” and ending their set with “War of the Gods.” Amon Amarth was strong, solid and full of energy. Everyone's emotions were set high and chanting for more and I hope they perform “Under Siege” ending with two encores: “Twilight of the Thunder God” and “The Pursuit of Vikings” that won me over even if they didn't perform “Under Siege.” With such a long set time, they had plenty of time to breakout their old and new material that completed one of the best sets I've seen.

This tour is something you need to see a nice mixture of metal with a heavy and solid line up. I came out sweating, looking like a huge mess, a bit of a soar neck, back and throat but so worth every pain in my body and proves how a metal fan has fun at a concert. My Iphone was never recovered but the memory in my mind will last a life time. 

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