Sunday, 22 June 2014

Album Review: The Everscathed - Disgrace In Arms

Band Name: The Everscathed
Title: Disgrace In Arms
Date of Release: 2013
Record Label: In Death Records
Genre: Death Metal
Reviewed by: Geoff McGraw

Track listings: 1. Bury The Ashen Ram 2. Oblivious Dissolution 3. Gluttons For Revenge 4. Unknowing Suffer 5. Bringer Of Torture

The Everscathed is a 3 piece Chicago style Death Metal band from.....yep, you guessed it Chicago, Illinois. Disgrace In Arms is the latest of 8 official releases including demos and eps to the bands name, making them quite a prolific band since their 1999 inception.

The Everscathed gives you everything good about Chicago Death Metal (and death metal in general) raw guitars that are not over-saturated, insistent drums, powerful bass lines and wet vocals with plenty of rattle. The songs contained on Disgrace In Arms alternate between pummeling speed and groove. One moment you may be slamming your head at a breakneck pace and the next settling into a swaying groove....that's what I call awesome. Despite having only 3 members The Everscathed manage a much larger sound, in large part thanks to W. Frickensteins "lead" bass playing.

I recently was able to catch Everscathed live, and they have the goods live too. Well worth checking out both the album and the liver performance. Chicago style death metal fans get your butts in gear and check out The Everscathed.

7 of 10 horns

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