Sunday, 22 June 2014

Album Review: MALAKYTE Human Resonance

Human Resonance



Reviewed by : Dave Wolff

Australian thrashers Malakyte are old school through and through. The sound, the chops, the vibes and the attitude are all there on their full-length Human Resonance. I first came into contact with drummer Liam Guy when he was publishing The Fallout Magazine, a publication dedicated to supporting Australian metal bands. His interview in Autoeroticasphyxium provided lots of information on the metal scenes there. When he first told me of his band I was intrigued. And now I’m glad I took the time to check them out. If you grew up on Kreator and Exodus in the 80s and followed their careers to this day, this band is for you. Many of us remember what going to shows and local record stores was like when thrash metal became an underground phenomenon. While listening to this you’ll not only feel transported back to the classic thrash era, you’ll feel it never ended. It’s a bold statement but the sincerity of this recording is impossible not to notice. The well-known Harris Johns who worked with Kreator, Voivod and many others mastered this album(hard to believe he’s still at it after all this time) and the job he did is as good as the songs composed here. Full of energy and inexhaustible speed, Human Resonance will assail your senses and leave you wanting much more.

Of the tracks on this full-length Malakyte have self-produced promotional videos for “Media Suicide” and “Embodiment;” both of them can be viewed at their official Youtube profile, These videos are professionally produced and showcase the band’s live energy as effectively as their energy on record. Their Youtube channel also features tour reports and other material to peruse.

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