Sunday, 13 July 2014

Album Review: SEWER TRENCH - self-titled

(Torn Flesh)

Reviewed by: Dave Wolff
Posted on July 2014

Sewer Trench’s EP sounds recorded live, and as such it effortlessly displays the band’s raw energy in addition to their metal and hardcore edges. Here you get six blistering tracks which, as they simply state, contain “no sing-a-longs, no catchy riffs or hooks…” The average song length on most of this release is about two minutes or so, with the longest track being about four minutes long. So the band definitely doesn’t overstay their welcome as each track concludes and the following track begins to assail you before you know it. My favorite characteristic, aside from the energetic percussion and chaotic vocals, is there is enough bass distortion to give the material that sort of whirlwind sensation that was always prevalent in the more “unsignable” bands of the mid to late 1980s; those bands that threw convention to the wind in favor of seeing how much noise they could make for those who would appreciate it most. Besides the web addresses listed above you can contact bassist Kez personally at And look for this release on Anarchotic records and A World We Never Made records.

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