Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Poem: Rebuilding the Rubble to Ruin Written by: Alan Lisanti

Rebuilding the Rubble to Ruin
Written by: Alan Lisanti (2015)

Ride into the sunset
Vanished into the horizon
Far away from here
When I wake up
From the dream
That which propels me
Is the poison
And the remedy
I cut out infection
Carve out the darkness
Stab at the light
And try to sleep
Try to awaken
The numbness is
The death of me
I don't want it
The false illusion
Holds my hand
And walks me to the edge
Elevates diminished will
Encourages the fool's
Delusion and I've never seen
With such clarity
I lined up all the mirrors
Like dominoes
With precision and strategy
And set off the crescendo
Of shattered glass
Orchestrated like rainfall
Pouring it out of me
Fragments of a puzzle
Scattered beneath my feet
Abandon the search
Desert expectations
And give me back my peace
Every time they overreach
To pull it out of me
Mold it and shape it
Sell it or fake it
Into shades of their tragedies
I find distance appealing
Between you and I
Less weight on the spine
Dismissal that had to be
Just to turn my back on them
Like they've turned theirs on me
Every time they look me in the eyes
And speak the words
They speak to me
Followed like my footsteps
And find their way back to me
Only to repeat again
Echoes eternally
It doesn't kill me
Any less
9000 times later
Every time
The last time
But this time
I'm sure
Last time
For the last time
This time
I mean it
You can't kill me


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